Decoratives – 3D Panels

With real texture , 3D wall panels add dimension to your wall and decorative surface instead of splashing it all with colour. These panels have been used in a number of forms in commercial, retail and business projects. Transform your interior as well as exterior with an inspiring range of decorative 3D wall Panels within your budget, our talented team provide support and installation advice also.


  • Water proof
  • Termite proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Borer proof
  • Easy to install

Advantages ( 3D panels)

1. This product comes in finished surface and is ready to use.

2. It can be fixed easily

3. It can be used in interior as well as exterior

4. It can be painted in any colour by any paint.

5. Patterns can be oriented vertically or horizontally for flexibility.

6. Environment friendly